Kinds of Money That Can Be Taken on Holidays

After preparing all the incoming holiday with a detailed plan, the financial plan is also an important factor for you and your entire traveling companion. The question is where is the tourist destination located? Moreover, if the destination is in a different country, the planning will be more thorough and meticulous.

Another thing is that the money exchange rates for different countries, the safety factor, and adjust all the things to the conditions and needs.

Even still another question arises, namely what kind of money that will be taken during the holidays? Here's an excerpt from an article travelKompas can be considered.

There are 4 kinds of money that can be taken when you are on tour.

1. Cash Money. Easy to use and also the most friendly in the sense economically. Practical and not exposed to additional costs, cheaper rate, can be used anywhere.

But in terms of security is quite susceptible to the action of loss, pickpocketing, robbery and exchange counterfeit money and forget when saving or fall out of your wallet. Take as needed, do not overdo it.

2. ATM. It is easier and lighter. Very helpful in financial transactions such as transfers or remittances. Make sure the ATM machine in cooperation with the originating ATM bank.

A financial consultant, Tejasari, said that the use of ATMs abroad must take into account the exchange rate which is usually more expensive and the extra cash withdrawal, according to excerpts of

Hassles will happen when ATM facilities are not available in some locations/countries of destination, for example in the interior island of Borneo, or the state of Myanmar.

3. Credit Card. Consider the price of the exchange rate value, the payment at maturity, and its nature as a debt. As said by Tejasari also, "Not all places can pay using a credit card. Especially if you want to buy small items on the street."

Advice, should not be used. Use only in the very urgent situation and important.

4. Traveler Checks. The shape is simple, as needed but depending on the time of the bank's operations. Not available at the time the bank closed, evenings or holidays time.

Use it in a vacation trip which takes quite a length of more than one week and at the destination bank is working with your bank.

(Source Kompas, Kontan, travelKompas /Image Sonya Susilo)


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