Chinese Tourist Arrivals Increase During the Lunar New Year 2565

It's interesting, when the Lunar New Year 2565/2014 holiday festivities which took place in early February turned out to be an opportunity for young people from China for a vacation to Bali.

Citing news from a news agency, a tourism observer Tjokorda Gde Agung in Denpasar, Wednesday, February 26, 2014, said that seen the increase in the number of visits doubled, reaching about 80.52 percent took place since January 2014.

More information about tourist arrivals from China, that the Chinese travelers prefer to spent holidays as a choice to Bali that coincides with the celebrations of Chinese New Year 2014.

As has been known since a long time that Bali tourist area is always filled with tourists from Australia, geographically of course many Australian tourists prefer Bali as they trip vacations and also the new tourists region, Lombok, of course.

As time goes by, according to the Bali Tourism Office, the arrival of travelers from China contributed 18.61 percent of all foreign tourists to the area as much as 279.671 people during January 2014 or ranks second after the Australian tourists.

Bali is increasingly becoming the choice after that period elapsed, a decrease in visits, trips to Bali early 2014 as a whole also increased.

It draws from an overall increase in tourist arrivals is the infrastructure at various locations in Bali started to be completed, so that the reduced congestion and pollution as well as the improving economy in the Asian region as a whole.

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Images M Kretyawan, V Saver)


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