Rujak Uleg become the culinary icon of Surabaya

Rujak Uleg is a mixture of various kinds of fruits, such as water apple, pineapple, mango, jicama, cucumber, kedondong and sweet potato as a major component. Sometimes they added some other kind of fruit with its super spicy-hot seasoning.

For anyone who tried it will enjoy these super special spicy taste. Typical spice mixture combination make it sweet and spicy derived from a water, javanese red sugar, tamarind, peanuts, chili/cabai, terasi spicy paste, salt and pepper.

The mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini has designated the “rujak uleg” as an culinary icon of their city in the "Festival Rujak Uleg 2014" which was attended by thousands of city residents in order to enliven the 721 Anniversary of Surabaya, a capital of East Java province.

Several other traditional culinary also designated as the city icon, such as balapan rice, semanggi, rawon, tahu mix, chicken soto and meat soto.

(Source Kompas, S Hoesin - Surabaya /Images S Hoesin, Food&Cakes Recipes)


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