Plane Delay? Do not worry!

Interesting article on the travel sites quoted from CNN Travel, provide interesting advice if you experience flight delays (plane delay), of course the airline will explain their reasons, such as technical factors to weather cause.

Do not worry and feel disturbed, some way needs to be done in order to keep your trip exciting and comfortable.

Consider alternative flight schedules. This should be one of your considerations, such as whether to take the morning flight (with a wide choice of departure time) and ignore the last flight (late night schedule), because there is no alternative other airlines.

Avoid connecting flights. Non-stop flight is more expensive, because of the non-stop flight has a lower risk of delay. Without worrying about the next flight at the waiting airport for transit.

Take advantage of the smartphone. Smartphones are very helpful, because most airlines usually send an e-mail or make an announcement on their website if there is a delay, or if the delay compensation is provided or maybe you can re-book the flight.

Switch the airline. Is possible, if the airlines cancel their flight, they will replace your ticket with a ticket for the same flight with a different airline.

Ask for compensation. Plane delay means it will be available compensation. Send an e-mail containing details of flights to the airline to explain what happened and ask for compensation.

Airline has a duty bound to passengers with compensation based on the length of time delays. (Unless the delay occurred due to factors beyond the control of the airline).

(Source CNN Travel, NA Widadio - travelKompas /Image Texy Hampp)


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