Not Feel Bored in an Airport when Transit

You've experienced a transit trip in an airport, what if you are asked to wait for a time following the departure of the long wait?

Say more than 10 hours and at the wrong time in the evening at a place, somewhere.

Is imagined in your head necessarily a bad dream, isn't it?

A travel media gives some great tips, especially if the waiting time is allowed to get out of the airport temporarily.

1. Shopping. If a transit airport offers many reasonably priced items, especially in the duty free shops. Even if you just want to window shopping or eye wash after bored on the plane.

But still watch your budget so as not to make you bankrupt and even a hassle when carrying it on the plane.

2. Looking for a place to eat and drink. Let's try some local culinary uniqueness in an airport, definitely a lot of options though usually rather expensive. Did not add a specific sensation?

3. Gadget. May be available facilities Free Wi-Fi spots in the airport corners. You can browse, chat, skype, or simply upload status on the social media. Play online games, listen to music, and watching a movie or maybe just find feature news on the internet.

4. Read a book. Prepare from home, it is recommended that read a simple books, such as a novels that you like, maybe comics, magazines, or newspapers.

5. Airport facilities. Perhaps you find special facilities in the airport transit, maximize the amenities, especially the free ones. Such as parks, chair bed, Wi-Fi, massage chairs, or going to the library.

But do not forget the time, you could have missed the flight.

6. A walk around town. Some states allow transit ticket to exit the airport, although the country of origin is not free visa, such as South Korea, Taiwan (for a U.S. visa holders).

If transit in ASEAN countries, it is also possible to exit the airport coz its visa free. Once again taking into account the transit time, so as not to be late returning to the airport. Consider congestion and fastest transportation between the airport and the city.

Traveling always possess their own experience, including when we were in transit in an airport, somewhere.

(Source travelKompas, J Marimbing - London /Image J Mudas)


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