Hong Kong Mid Autumn Festival with the Rising Moon

The Rising Moon is the name given by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to a giant lantern, in an event in the country - Hong Kong Mid Autumn Festival 2013 that held on September 14 to September 22, 2013.

Who would deny that the atmosphere in the area of ​​Victoria Park to be so different in recent weeks, even tourists can feel the festive aroma.

Spectacular lantern built three-storey with 7,000 recycled plastic bottles, designed by four young architects, namely Siu Kwok Kin Stanley, Chan Pui Hong Aden, Hui Chun Hoi Eddie and He Yiteng who won a Gold Award at the Lantern Wonderland Design Competition.

They were inspired to make the moon which is a symbol of the Fall Festival at Victoria Park. Other materials used to make this giant lantern also comes from recycled materials and energy efficient as LED lights, wires and iron skeletons.

Citing news from tourism sites travelKompas, HKTB Executive Director Anthony Lau said in a press release, "This year, we've included green elements in this campaign through a giant lantern made ​​of plastic bottles which we hope will raise awareness of the environment."

Exciting event with the concept of environmental awareness and hopes to inspire the visitors and tourists who are visiting Hong Kong this moment.

(Source Hong Kong Tourism Board, travelKompas, Arista Devi /Images Discover Hong Kong, Arista Devi)


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