The Best Waterfront Cities in the World

If you enjoy your tour in a city, the question often arises, whether your destination is indeed a special city. If it is special, whether it's special criteria?

A non-profit organization - Project for Public Space (PPS) conduct elections to the city in the edge of the sea water as much as 200 cities around the world and the six cities selected for specific criteria. Examples of cities that are included in the assessment are Hong Kong, Vancouver, Miami, Athens, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Celeveland and Zurich.

The agency initially difficulty finding cities that meet the criteria, although there are promising elements that they offer in the future. PPS assessment pursing only on two criteria, namely the waterfront cities to emphasize on how the urban environment can connect with one another and sustain a variety of public events.

The second criterion is a waterfront place that looks just goal-oriented individual and how a public space can be utilized simultaneously.

Here are six best waterfront cities by PPS version:

1. Stockholm, Sweden
2. Venice, Italy
3. Helsinki, Finland
4. San Sebastian, Spain
5. Sydney, Australia
6. Hamburg, Germany

This sixth town does have a feature on the waterfront public space combines with the wider life of the local community with its best assets.

(Source PPS, Kompas /Image L Pandjaitan)


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