Traveled despite being pregnant, if it can be allowed by the doctor?

When the holidays arrive, but all be not appropriate, for example you are a woman who is pregnant. Troublesome, isn't it?

But if a doctor says it is okay, with certain conditions. Pregnant women do need special handling, given the presence of a baby in the womb.

Means may be, isn't it? Vacation and traveled may be performed. An interesting article on a site tour that also cites an article from the Huffington Post, to help keep the pregnant woman and her baby when will travel vacation.

Set the Time Travel. Into consideration the condition of the body, choose the best time to do holiday during the second trimester of pregnancy. There are symptoms of "morning sickness" during early pregnancy may have slightly subsided.

Consult your doctor to prevent disorders in pregnancy during the trip. Using aircraft transport, will be reporting on the respective airlines.

Select Destination. Choose not too far from home or can also a place that is close to health center such as hospitals.

Avoid strenuous activities that harm you and the baby. Doing yoga on the beach can be a choice while enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the waves beach.

Bring medical records of pregnancy . Just in case, if the condition is not good. When you have health insurance, please bring also.

Better choosing the car/automobile transportation. Consideration by car is safer than airplanes or ships traveling, even though their destination is quite far.

If an interruption occurs in pregnancy you can instantly deflect the direction to the near hospital. You can occasionally break in a public place to stretch our bodies.

Bring a water/drink. Some advice of the American Pregnancy Association, pregnancy care organizations and health of pregnant women, pregnant women need to drink 12 glasses of water per day.

Always carry a spare drinks during the trip. It could be a medium size drink bottle.

Prepare the proper clothing. Avoid tight clothing so as not to upset your pregnancy, better comfortable clothes while on a trip to the beach, for example. Prepare footwear with a layer of soft foam to make you comfortable while walking.

(Source travelKompas, Huffington Post /Image SIA)


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