Interesting offering from Emirates for Indonesian Tourists

The offers to tempt the tourists from Indonesia, seats for a particular majors flight, four continents including America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

If there is someone who is not interested?

The seats for passenger to 15 destinations to a special purpose, applies for visits to famous cities, including New York, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Milan, Madrid, and Paris.

The news is an excerpt from the travelKompas tourism site, according to a Emirates press release to, Friday, September 20, 2013.

There are a variety of majors destination with ticket prices starting at 600 dollars and can be obtained with the order until 30 September 2013 for travel starting today - 20 September 2013 until March 15, 2014. Promotion is only valid for Economy Class flights with EK 357 and EK 369 aircraft with 30 kg baggage allocation.

Shadow immediately bring your imagination, dazzling Emirates flight service, passengers can enjoy entertainment services for ICE's award-winning flight with more than 1,400 channel current events in a variety of languages​​.

Customize your vacation plans soon, and be prepared to fly to different continents.

(Source Kompas, travelKompas, Emirates /Image Emirates)


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