Do not ask many questions at Immigration Officer

Avoid redundant questions when you are in front of the immigration officer. Of course you do not want to get into trouble when it was there , and even asked to go back to your country.

An interesting article on a tourism site travelKompas, giving some important tips for you that will enter a tourist destination country.

Prepare some things in the front of the immigration officer at the border or at the airport.

1. Immigration documents, ie passports and visas. Other documents are also necessary, such as a return ticket, proof of hotel reservation, and business invitation letter or school institution.

Not to search for problems with the officer or can not answer what is asked or requested. Prepare well these travel documents.

2. No need to argue with the immigration officer. Do not be emotional when they are not friendly.

Some of the questions that often are travel destinations, travel time, and stay for the address in the destination country.

Often encountered in some countries, unexpected questions, such as strict rules about clothing for women, officers often ask about the clothes that not eligible.

Women who traveled alone, as well as about faith and religion.

3. Be polite. Dress appropriately, such as:

• Do not wear a hat, sunglasses, or earphones. Officers considered disrespectful. Store in the bag, from the beginning until the finish of immigration line process. Accessories such as this invite the attention of the officers.

• Do not use gadgets, such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, ipad, ipod. Store in a bag, do not make them interested in your activities, such as typing, viewing, or holding the gadget.

4. Though tired and exhausted, still be friendly and do not forget to smile. The immigration officer also tired of working every day to face thousands of people who enter and exit their country.

Feel free to congratulate. "Good morning, good afternoon etc...", or "Halloo, how are you..."

Some countries such as the European continent or the Middle East region is very pleased when asked about the weather. No harm in asking a bit about the weather in their country, such as "How is the weather outside?" Or "I hope this summer is fun for all..."

Certainly enjoyable your journey begins when enter the airport, port or the border. Hopefully your holiday fun.

(Source travelKompas, Rudy Wiremu - Hamburg /Image F Benjamin)


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