11 Best Skyscraper in the World

Say you've traveled to a glass of place you want, but when you saw one of the skyscrapers, awe arises immediately.

Amazed just is not enough, why? Maybe you do not know that one of the high-rise building skyscraper is one of the best buildings in the world.

Where are we going to be able to see those skyscraper buildings?

The following best eleven skyscraper buildings in the world.

The skyscraper enthusiasts around the world through an international jury - Emporis - an institution that provides data and construction projects - choosing the best among the 300 skyscraper with a height of over 100 meters.

1. The Absolute World Towers - Located in Mississauga, Canada.
2. Al Bahr Towers - Abu Dhabi.
3. Burj Qatar - Doha Located in the business center.
4. The Bow - Location Bow River, Calgary, Canada.
5. House on Mosfilmovskaya 1 - Includes ten tallest buildings in Russia.
6. Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, China.
7. Varya Meridian - Turkey.
8. UniCredit Tower - The headquarters of UniCredit Bank, Italy.
9. Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel - Barcelona.
10. Dumankaya Icons - Istanbul, Turkey.
11. Zhengzhou Greenland Plaza in Shengzhou, China.

Sure to be a long trip, if only for a sufficient time to witness this spectacular skyscraper. One day, perhaps.

(Source Kompas, businessinsider.com, www.ctbuh.org, www.emporis.com /Image Wetty Sjahran)


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