10 Safest Place For Women in Asia

Traveling by women is certainly an option that needs to be done with caution. Women are very concerned with their safety, it is the object of the survey research by RetireInAsia.com in August 2013.

Results of a survey about the most secure places visited by woman that would travel alone in the Asia Pacific region based on the level of crime is happening in the country, the level of violence, theft, until the level of security when traveling at night.

Here's a list of 10 safest place in Asia for women.

1. Singapore
2. New Zealand
3. Taiwan
4. Japan
5. Australia
6. Hongkong
7. South Korea
8. Mongolia
9. Vietnam
10. Kazakhstan

Sights safest choice is ultimately to be a personal choice. Places of tourist destination does have its own uniqueness.

(Source RetireInAsia.com, travelKompas /Image Lucy Pandjaitan)


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