Jackie Chan in Beijing with the JC World theme park

It arises solely from childhood memories, sharing all the things he had gone through. He will set up a special park for anyone, planned to be established in the land area of ​​approximately 200 hectares located in Yinzhuang district, Beijing.

The park will be named Jackie Chan World or JC World, a theme park where he can show off all his belongings, including the famous collection, the sandalwood houses. This is apparently similar to the Jackie Chan Museum that has been built in Shanghai, but this area is most like a theme park.

The area will be divided into several sections, five sections, each of which will offer a different cultural experience. "I want to show all my stuff. Maybe not everything can be valued in money, but every object has a story behind it," said Jackie Chan.

Very interesting isn't it?

He further said, that poor childhood to drive him to see all parts of the world and buy anything.

He has collected a lot of things, a collection of jewelry and furniture during his career, which began around the 1970s.

Are you interested in visiting this park? Jackie said that the park is free and anyone can visit, except for certain entertainment attractions. Perhaps.

(Source The Guardian, travelKompas /Image wikipedia)


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