The addition of several routes of tourist destinations from Citilink

Travelers often find it difficult to travel to a place when they have been in Indonesia. An airline are included in the category of Low Cost Carrier (LCC), Citilink respond an opportunity.

They increase the frequency of flights, especially for multiple routes, such as destination cities Jakarta - Denpasar, Jakarta - Medan, Jakarta - Surabaya, Jakarta - Semarang (twice a day), and each of them three times a day for Jakarta - Yogyakarta and Jakarta - Padang, effective from Sunday, August 25, 2013.

This was conveyed by Arif Wibowo - CEO of Citilink Indonesia in Jakarta, August 23, 2013.

Service on the route to make Citilink can participate to develop the tourism sector and businesses in the cities of the tourist destination. On the other hand, alternative routes have also become tourists, and even students, considering the three city is also a center of education and tourism.

Citilink is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia airline, operates a fleet of 22 Airbus A320s to serve 21 most domestic routes in 19 destinations to various cities in Indonesia every day.

The tourists are increasing rapidly towards tourist destinations, and the airline is quite responsive to gradually add 10 new Airbus A320 aircraft each year.

Of course allows travelers can choose alternative travel destination with a variety of purposes.

(Source Citilink, travelKompas /Image Citilink)


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