Asia-Pacific region Excels in Romantic Tourism

The results of a review of travel search sites in the Asia Pacific region, Wego - in collaboration with traveler reviews site, TrustYou - which uses semantic engine, delivering results that may be of interest to you that maybe already planning a trip to this region. Based on 16 categories, among others, the level of service, facilities, food, romantic destinations, nightlife, and price.

The tourist area is geographically widespread in Asia Pacific covers a broad area including the Middle East, and Australia, New Zealand, North Asia, and Southeast Asia, its has an advantage in terms of tourist satisfaction during the stay at the hotel, the region is very superior in terms of romantic tourism, room comfort, and a bed, with a score of 85.8 percent of customer response.

Spa services in Maya Ubud - Bali

Thailand and Bali is known as the best spa destination, this region is very superior both in terms of minibar and spa services.

(Source Wego, Kompas /Images F Benjamin, Maya Ubud)


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