The beaches in Bali will be equipped with a Condotel

Sunrise at the beach of Bali

The beaches of Bali with its virgin nature and culture are very strong traditions, tempting tourist arrivals continue to rise. Should not be surprised by the presence of several lodging facilities, even for a particular segment, such as facilities of condominium and hotel, condotel.

Condos in the area near the beach is becomes the main attraction, as seen on the new beaches in Bali that began to be known by foreign tourists, Pandawa Beach.

The Condos in Pandawa Beach

Bali increasingly require infrastructure support for their regional tourism services, citing the article from a portal website,, May 28, 2014, until the year of 2016 Bali is predicted to be filled with 67 new hotel include 12 226 rooms.

(Source propertiKompas /Images S Wisaksono, Grand Orange Condotel)


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