Bengkulu beach become competitors of Mentawai

The Surfer

Beach of Bengkulu eligible to compete to be one of the world surfing regions, at least with geographically contiguous region, the Mentawai region and the islands around the coast of Lagundri, Nias. Even with the cost of living is cheaper for every surfer, an attractive offer.

Coastline of 525 kilometers at certain times of the mid year around June, a few points deserve to be surfing spot. Feel yourself writhing waves and towering into the air, with high waves varies with a maximum of about four meters, while the gap between the adjacent wave with another wave is not too long. That's interesting.

Citing articles from a tourist site written by a journalist, Firmansyah of Bengkulu, there are several communities of surf sports fans around this beach, they believe a few surfing spots that tempt tourists to visit this region. For example, in Pantai Panjang (Long Beach), Bengkulu there are eight spot waves with fast enough wave power.

(Source Firmansyah - travelKompas, Noto Budoyo - Bengkulu /Image N Budoyo)


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