Dompu Sumbawa, a province rich with fish

This area is known as an area rich with marine life and diversity of fish, such as kerapu fish, tuna, snapper, scallops and even whales can be found in the waters around the bay of Dompu (aka Saleh Bay). This area has been designated as the aquarium of world fish by state research institutes (LIPI).

Poto Tano sea waters

The marine area is spacious with a row of smaller islands, located at the meeting point of Sumbawa regency, Dompu and Bima - with a view of Mount Tambora visible from a distance around the bay.

The friendliness of local residents with a variety of activities that blend with the natural farming, equestrian activities associated with the celebration of traditions customs, traditions and other activities that linger not cracked by the changing times.

(Source F Jonathans Poyk - Sumba /Images F Jonathans Poyk)


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