Adventure in the Red and White Rafflesia region - Riau

Have you reached this area? An adventure with the surrounding dense forest. There will be futile trip to the region, given the biodiversity in the protected forest area which approximately covers an area.

Regions in which the object of the WWF research institute (World Wildlife Fund) has become famous with a new record invention. As well as a new record, as submitted by the staff of Public Relations of WWF, Syamsidar, Tuesday, March 26, 2013. His mood was excited with the news.

WWF Team working with the Center for Conservation of Natural Resources (BBKSDA) found five Rafflesia flower at one point in the Wildlife Reserve Area Mount Rimbang Baling, Kampar regency, Riau, which has been known as the long-term priority tiger conservation.

It is encouraging an interest in the condition of blooms measuring about 50 centimeters in diameter. The species is included in the list of legally protected interest and included in the precarious status, the Red List.

It was a lucky find flowers in bloom conditions on February 20, 2013 ago, this is very rare!

At the time of bloom, the flowers can reach a diameter of 30-50 cm, lobes (perigone) 11-13 cm, and 15-17 cm wide.

Even more surprising, the Rafflesia found is Red and White Rafflesia (Rafflesia hasseltii) or known locally Cendawan Muka Rimau. Flower color is brownish red with a white plate is relatively large and irregular.

Rafflesia is a parasite flower to the host plant Tetrastigma leucostaphyllum. The discovery of rare unique giant flower finding an attraction for adventurous travelers who want to reach this area.

(Source Antara, Kompas /Image WWF Indonesia)


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