The ITH Room Xperience - Hotel Rooms in the Future

It must have been great and quite imagine it feels is so special, futuristic hotel room. A genius concept introduced by SerranoBrothers Design Studio, based in Spain showing footage of what some hotel rooms in the future.

They together with the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) is also from Spain presented the futuristic design of the hotel room, titled "The ITH Room Xperience" at Spain's International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in January.

Interesting overview of the design vision of the future hotel room was not far from reality.

If you are in a hotel at a time in the future, when you want to check the status of your flight on the floor. Also did touch on a transparent screen to open the closet. Clicking fingers to change the wall decorations, great isn't it?

The room design focuses on interactive and flexible side of each decoration and room. Even the floor was made ​​interactive. The ability of the wall to change according to the demand of users. The window is designed as an eye, fabric window coverings will open like eyelids.

Quoting CNN Travel, Diego Serrano, one of the founders of SerranoBrothers Design Studio says, "We chose a room with the ability to change itself according to the needs of the guest and the guest experience expected."

They consider it an interesting challenge to show, the technology must be able to create a room to adapt to different situations, roles, time, and even guest mood in a hotel.

The future seemed so close.

(Source CNN Travel, travelKompas /Image SerranoBrothers)


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