Unique buildings when walking through the Old Town

A period which had triumphed in a city when through the old city area. We carried on the mood of the era with so many authentic buildings from the Dutch that still stands proudly here.

These buildings would be seen as old-fashioned as it was reaching hundreds of years, it makes a different atmosphere. Saves a lot of stories from the past about building that never functioned as banks, government buildings, and even the shops.

Arising feeling of wanting to take photos from different angles. Magical feeling curious and curiosity of the history behind the story. Each story of the past will make the building look attractive.

Museum Bank Mandiri, and Bank Indonesia Museum building which is one of the modern museum in Indonesia. The building is set up with the name De Javasche Bank . Despite having undergone several restoration, the original museum building had not changed much.

Other buildings such as old buildings in front of it, like Nederlandsch-Indische Escompto Maatscaapij . The house is located on the corner of the Street of Pintu Besar Utara next to the door of Bank Indonesia Museum. Interestingly, on the outer wall of the building, there are symbols of the city which is a branch of the bank, such as Semarang, Batavia (Jakarta) and Surabaya.

The next is Toko Merah (Red Store) is in front of the Kali Besar (Big River), two-storey building with a striking bright red color of the other buildings around it. Chinese nuance is very thick inside, with the dominant colors of red and gold. Inside there is a spacious room with teak wood still looks very sturdy.

When the foot is still strong, try to Galeri Malaka (Mallaca Gallery) located at Street of Roa Melaka, like a mini museum with a lot of red the dominant color photographs showcase tourism and craft from Mallaca, Malaysia.

Unique region of the heyday of the city, the architecture of the building speaks of a time that has passed.

(Source F Prawitasari, travelKompas /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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