Safari in Tanzania - Serengeti National Park - Part 2

By Kristina Budiati

The following interesting note about a female journalist on a safari trip in Tanzania, Africa. This entry comes from the original title "Tanzania, Heaven for The Safari Adventurer ".


The car broke down and Maasai children

From Tarangire National Park we continued our journey through the Serengeti National Park potholes and rocky for about four hours. This condition no doubt make car breaks down, and we were forced to stop on the roadside in the Ngorongoro Conservation area and Serengeti grasslands.

In the area of the Serengeti National Park, Maasai tribe only allowed to stay and operate their traditional herding cows and goats.

Are indigenous Maasai tribe in East Africa that is so powerful maintain their traditional customs as the semi-nomadic herders. They live mostly around nature reserves and national parks in the region of Kenya and Tanzania.

While waiting for Gregori and Samuel continues to try to repair the damaged parts of the car, came two Maasai children approached us and kindly lent them to Gregori large knife sharpening sticks trying to fix one part of the car, and as they both pay asked to be photographed with sunglasses that I am using.

After waiting about an hour, it turns out the car can not be repaired on the spot. Fortunately through other safari cars were empty without passengers willing to help us continue the journey up to the Seronera public campsite. While Gregori still have to take the car alone and fix it in one of the nearest garage where we stay overnight.

Serengeti National Park

Experience because the car broke down less reassure it paid off by the spectacular scenery presented by the Serengeti National Park.

Throughout the eye could see were hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of animals zebras, deer antelope, buffalo, elephants, giraffes grazing peacefully engrossed in extensive grassland. No wonder when the park is within the UNESCO World Heritage list version (The World Heritage Site) and got the top position as the best places to visit while in Tanzania.

Serengeti National Park has the largest population of animals Wildebeest as many as approximately 1.5 million head. During the rainy season (January-March), the herd is widely spread in the western part of the Serengeti to the Ngorongoro Valley. When the dry season (April) and the green grass no longer grow, they move the exodus to the southwest in order to get food.

This national park is also promising exotic encounter with Simba (lion in Swahili). We are so lucky to have an opportunity to look closely at the four female lions and dozens of tails of their children while they were on the way and stalking target group passing by buffalo pasture.

Besides lions, we also saw a black rhino and the leopard. Both of these animals are animals that are very rare because there are not as many other animals in the park.

Continued on Part 3 ...

(Source K Budiati - Zanzibar East Africa, travelKompas /Images Serengeti National Park and wikipedia)


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