How to visit the area of Religious Tourism?

Religious Tourism or often called Spiritual Tourism is one list that is frequented by travelers from around the world.

For example, currently in the selection of a new Pope in Vatican City, we saw how thousands of visitors crowded into St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican to immediately know who the Pope to be elected in the conclave assembly elections.

And we know from recent news that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, originally from Argentina was elected as 266th Pope, replaces Pope Benedict XVI. He chose Francis as the name of the new Pope, Pope Francis.

Now, let's say we are in a spiritual tourist area, the following points should be noted.

Clothes. Use appropriate clothing and polite. Note the places that should not be stepped on with shoes or sandals feet. Bring plastic to store your shoes or sandals.

Women. Generally, some areas in order to maintain the sanctity, menstruating woman not to enter the area attractions. Do not force to enter. Enough from outside the region only, observed or photographed is good.

Noise. What is sacred require silence, not noisy, and obey all the rules for tourists. Including not eating and drinking in the tourist areas, although there is no rule against.

Being orderly and cleanliness. Some of the resorts have springs that are considered sacred. Suggested taking moderation and not have to linger around the spring so as not to cause long lines. Do not spit carelessly around the spring so that cleanliness maintained.

Do not just take pictures. Also understand the intricacies of these sights. For example, historically, in order to increase knowledge.

Donations. If you need help do not hesitate to donate voluntarily. A little or a lot, it will affect the sustainability of the venue. You can also buy souvenirs at tourist spot manager.

Traveling with a group. Rent a prime condition vehicle. All passengers can sit comfortably and for the sake of safety and excitement.

Travelling with a good plan is always fun and brings freshness in life.

(Source Klasika, travelKompas /Image Sony Wisaksono - Bali)


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