Cheap Holidays to Lake Toba ala "Backpacker"

By Wiwin Adinata Marpaung

Vacationing ala backpacker-style has become a trend among tourists. Many are willing to be a backpacker is not only constrained by the cost. Sometimes the experience of traveling as a backpacker the very practical and cost can not be replaced with anything. I want to share tips for fellow backpacker who wants to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir island.

If you are from outside the city of Medan and by plane, make sure you get a ticket promotion. Arriving at “Polonia Airport” Medan, you can walk to the airport gate find the public transportation and then ride into the city transport Bus Terminal Amplas to cost only Rp 2,500. So no need to take a taxi-without-meter which cost up to Rp 30,000.

When arriving at Terminal Amplas, you can go directly to the bus counter "Sejahtera" for Parapat destination around Rp 20,000. Bus purpose Parapat is not only "Sejahtera" bus, but I suggest you use this bus mode, because the driver was not speeding.

The four-hour field trip Parapat strenuous enough. Arriving in Parapat, many special backpacker guest house available. If the five-star hotel to fix the price of the cheapest Rp 300,000 more, the guest house is only Rp 50,000 to Rp 75,000.

If you go to the lake Toba, less complete if it does not go to the island of Samosir. Of the Three Kings, you just need to walk for ten minutes to get to the boat harbor Ajibata. There are boat crossing to the island of Samosir. You just choose the destination to Tomok or Tuk-Tuk at a cost of Rp 4,000.

Samosir practically a paradise on Lake Toba region. You can tour the Batak tribe history there. The Batak community settlements and the ancient Batak king's funeral.

If you need a vehicle to get around the island of Samosir, just rent a motorbike in the area of Tomok, precisely at the exit of the harbor with a rental fee of Rp 100,000 for a full day.

From Tomok, you can go to the place called “Tuk-Tuk”, you can use public transport to the village cost Rp 5000. And for the tariff only around Rp 150,000 to Rp 300,000, in Tuk-Tuk area there is a quiet and shady inn with stunning views.

(Source Wiwin A. Marpaung, travelKompas /Image Johan Mudas)

This article was compiled before the new airport "Kuala Namu International" that officially open in April 2013 that will come. Routes from the new airport to Lake Toba becomes shorter, using a taxi motorcycles (ojek) from the airport to the bus terminal in the town of Lubuk Pakam.


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