Proper attire during the holidays

Holidays arrive and you have been preparing all to destinations in a place. There was something that turned out to be troublesome if not well thought out.

Of course, the right clothes that will be taken later in the course or while on holiday at the resorts. We certainly want all smooth and comfortable, is not it?

Well, let us note the following:

1. Tourist destinations. Is there more sun set or a subtropical region? Tourist destinations helps us determine what type of clothing to wear.

If that were visited tourist destinations is cold, wool is perfect for cool places like mountains.

2. Travel time on the way. Far nearby tourist destinations also determine the type of clothing that can be worn later.

3. Type of luggage carried. Materials brought clothes can make the goods carried more weight, so it will be overloaded. For example, a jacket, sweater, trekking suite and others.

4. Clothing materials. Clothes that fit the conditions of tourist destinations. If the beach or hot regions that were visited, choose cotton fabric that easily absorbs sweat.

5. New clothes. Wear it first before taking a vacation. So you can know whether you are new clothes comfortable to wear. Leather might make your body itch.

Likewise swimwear should be tried first in your city before it was taken.

6. Wash clothing. Should you have washed clothes before walking. If you bring new clothes, comfortable if you actually took the clothes are still clean.

Avoid clothing that is hard dry materials such as denim/jeans. Hotel laundry can be an option, but consider the cost. Includes materials that can be rubbed pakian.

7. Formal wear? This should be considered before you feel the need to bring it. For example, there will be occasion to visit the restaurant (or maybe theater) on certain tourist attractions. Choose compact models to be easily packed in a suitcase.

Choose clothes with a simple model that easily folded and rolled, so it can be loaded with neatly in your bag.

8. Buy clothes? Maybe if it wanted to take as souvenirs (for a friend or family member) or for a keepsake.

Consider the type of bag or briefcase if you really want to buy something. Maybe if need not bring much clothing from the beginning, so that if the intention had been planned.

Holidays are always fun, of course. If everything is well planned.

(Source travelKompas /Image Juanita E. Tobing)


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