“The Jagur” of Jakarta Old Town

By Prima Widi Hatmi

The Jagur or most of people always called this “Si Jagur”, a cannon, an ancient armaments. I do not know how to operate Si Jagur. The cannon that is located in the inner courtyard of Jakarta History Museum, which according to the narrative story of the owner, the gun was made in Macao. This cannon has changed hands several times the owner, until finally in 1641 owned by the authority of Batavia government.

Several times this gun has been used as a weapon to defend against enemy attacks.

In this cannon engraved Latin inscription that reads "Exme Ispa Renata Sum", which means: From myself, I was born again. A series of words that motivate, words that have been written hundreds of years ago but still relevant to the present.

When translated to the present, still suitable to express the meaning, that "change, reform or transformation is originated from yourself."

There is some kind of cannon located on the front page, only the Jagur that attract visitors as the rear cannon has a special form, which is shaped hand clenched between his thumb wedged between the index and middle fingers. Some people believe that the fist cannon Si Jagur body is a symbol of fertility.

According to the story, Si Jagur was originally located outside the museum courtyard, precisely near the post office. When it was night, some women who have difficulty conceiving is trying to sit in his fist is primarily to hope to get pregnant. If it is constantly taking place, it is feared this could be a broken fist. So since 2002 Si Jagur moved into the courtyard, which is locked when visiting hours were over.

Make a couple who have long craved but not yet acquired a child, it is recommended that the woman's sitting on top a fist in order to get pregnant.

Out of nowhere the beginning of this story.

Jakarta, October 25, 2009

(Image Prima Hatmi Widi)


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