Statue of Liberty waiting for your presence!

You become a tourist who was in the United States today, do not be surprised if a lot of tourist attractions that can not be enjoyed, because of one thing and another. Of course if you read the news, a lot of things involved after the "shutdown" in America.

For example, in New York, there are 33 places is classified as a national park and practically everything was closed as the United States Government "shutdown". Another place that is exposed to Ellis Island that was previously closed due to renovation after Sandy Storm got beat last year also affected.

Another example is the island where The Statue of Liberty is located, also affected, as borne by the local government concerned.

If you want to get on a ferry from Manhattan to the island where the statue is located, at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, United States - certainly not in operation until last week.

But the latest news shows that one of the tourist icon in Manhattan, New York is back in operation on Sunday morning, October 13, 2013.

The tourists are coming back.

This came after an agreement of the State of New York who immediately took over the budget and the daily cost of operating the Statue of Liberty, last week.

The statue cost management achieve cost $ 61,600, but saw the tourists who come to visit the Statue of Liberty, this can be resolved. In 2011 for example recorded, there were four million tourists that generated revenue of 174 million USD.

If so, be prepared. Ferries that take you to get to the island has been waiting for.

(Source PP Gero - travelKompas, W Syaarani - NY /Image wikipedia)


  1. Well I always had a dream to visit the Statue of Liberty very soon its gonna turn real, I'm real glad to find myself visiting the great city. We have also planned to check in to one of the extended stay hotels for students in NY.

  2. New York being one of the top most worlds business hub is an exciting vacation place too, love the scenic beauty with the vibrant neighborhoods and one cant forget the antique historical Statue of Liberty. Also its a best place to consider if panning on an extended stay NYC.


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