Special places in the world to see the "Sunrise"

Wouldn't it be a wonderful opportunity for you to watch the golden light of the sun coloring the sky, a colorful mix of purple ink tubs, green and blue in an area at Uluru, Australia, for example.

Driven like a space painting hands gods hiding in nirvana. Imagine if you were there saw the moment when they are being pursued on a vacation trip.

Lonely Planet site is certainly trouble choosing this special places in the world to see the "Sunrise", as they show the location of these places.

Uluru, Australia. Prepare yourself since 4 am, when Uluru red sandstone illuminate in the flickering light.

Mount Batur, Indonesia. Watching the sun light spread like the diamonds in this Bali's second highest mountain in the middle of Lake Batur, listed in UNESCO's Global Geopark Network.

Inle Lake, Myanmar. Watch the sunlight streaking toward the surface of the lake from the edge of the stage house lodging for tourists.

Bryce Canyon, USA. Around the unique atmosphere, at the sight of the sun began to illuminate on the Bryce Canyon National Park.

Okavango Delta, Botswana. While performing the safari tour even looking for the crocodiles and the deer in the national park trees, sunshine peeking from the trees and the river delta.

Mount Fuji, Japan. Climbing lane "Yoshida Trail" a choice of light scratches seen as the stairway to heaven.

Shetland Islands, Scotland. Privileged place of the beaches in the north of England, the perfect place to see the sunrise at early spring or late fall.

Hope you wish can enjoy all of these locations, it is an incredible experience and special. Sunrise, wherever you go.

(Source Lonely Planet, travelKompas /Image L Tambajong)


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