Foods to prevent your jetlag

When you take a long trip in a tourist destination in another country, physical condition greatly affects the comfort on the plane. Convenience is a major requirement.

Discomfort can come in many forms, among others, the worry is that jetlag common in passengers that using the aircraft for the long haul trip.

Abdominal bloating and nausea, very common place when traveling by plane, certainly one of the factors to consider is the food that that consumed before you fly.

An interesting article on the website released guidelines for preventing jet lag and motion sickness according to the version of the Singapore Airlines, as follows:

1. Bring food with ingredients to slow digestion fried, salty snacks with flavor.

2. Soft drinks before the trip.

3. Consumed green tea is also good for preventing bloating in the abdomen that is often a problem.

4. Bananas, onions, garlic, and berries can be a decent groceries and recommended.

5. Also suggested foods made from grains or cereals that contain lots of vitamin B to keep the mind stay comfortable while flying.

6. Warm drink made ​​of ginger to drink during the trip, may prevent drunk on the way.

7. Consumption of enough water, to prevent dehydration that causes headaches, stress, and feelings of calm.

Of course in the end the passengers want the best, in addition to modern aircraft, also a pleasant trip.

(Source SIA, travelKompas /Image P Widi Hatmi)


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