Fun Travelling to Penang

This country is located in Malaysia and get ready to enjoy the atmosphere of a different life in a tropical climate region. Some things you need to prepare, so the trip becomes more fun.

The following tips are cited from an article in the major mass media in Jakarta, "Kompas", October 14, 2013 - in preparation for your trip to this tourist area.

1. Use the local currency immediately, especially the pennies. Redeem your money when you arrive at the Penang International Airport. Pennies in this country are very useful, some of the purposes of the example is to pay a penny for the bus fare. There is no refund mechanism on the bus when you give excess money.

2. Diligently inquire the cost of travel expenses. Remember the distance you can determine the cost responsibility later. The closer the distance, the cheaper the cost to be incurred.

3. Better use the Penang tourist guide brochures. There are complete lies sights, bus routes are also exposed to complete. Complete with 2-3 different brochures, every brochure has its own advantages and disadvantages, but helpful.

4. Drinking water. Temperatures in this region is quite enough hot. Mineral water is essential in your journey. Some pricing information: 350 milliliters of mineral water you can get for 1 ringgit.

Juice drinks and the other kind of cold drinks priced 2-3 times more expensive. Not wrong if you take drinking water from the inn. Certainly more efficient, right?

5. Map routes. Choose your route, this is better and time saving. select tourist region needs to be done. Make it a priority.

6. Clothing made from cool and cold material. Make you more comfortable. You do not want to be sweating all the time, isn’t it?

Fun trip in a tropical country, of course with a good and adequate preparation.

(Source Kompas, J Arumugam /Image PW Hatmi)


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