Batik Fashion Show on the Air from Citilink

In order to celebrate National Batik Day which falls on October 2, 2013, the airline Citilink choose an event that is unique, ie Batik fashion show above 30,000 feet on a flight Denpasar - Jakarta, QG 853, last Friday, October 4, 2013.

Passengers were surprised and warmly welcome about this route.

Through a press release quoting travelKompas site, Thursday, October 9, 2013, Harismawan Yudi - Vice President Marketing and Communication Citilink said, "Through this event, Citilink would like to invite all Citilinkers to preserve the nation's cultural heritage by wearing batik on certain occasions. We also want to introduce batik to foreign travelers, particularly those on holiday to Bali, that designs and motifs of batik in Indonesia is very diverse."

Busyness in the cabin, four stewardess and one pilot who happened is assigned as a model, they were beautiful and handsome.

They walked along the aisle between the passenger, the passenger enthusiastic and surprised. The airline did not tell them about this show, because they want to surprise passengers.

If you were among the passengers that day, Batik collection from the Mahiija Boutique creation of young designer Ika Puspitarini amaze around 178 Citilinkers (call for Citilink passengers). Exciting opportunity for them with this event.

(Source Citilink, travelKompas, J Ambar Setyorini /Image Citilink Archive)


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