Hotel Zodiak @Cokro with special rates in Yogyakarta

This city always gives a special aura to the past, a lot of memories as if the present without being asked. Travelers love the atmosphere, both domestic and foreign.

The presence of tourists is certainly an inspiration for some hotels to provide special rates apply for credit card holders, starting from tariff costs Rp 335,000 (USD 33.5). Special price and immediately attracted the attention of tourists.

One of these hotels are located in the Street of HOS Cokroaminoto, Yogyakarta, the Zodiak @Cokro Jogjakarta, valid until March 31, 2014 with terms and conditions apply.

Zodiak @Cokro Jogjakarta has 54 rooms furnished with free internet access, Sky Lounge, a restaurant with a capacity of 44 people, swimming pool and meeting room with a capacity of up to 150 people.

Of course you will ask, what about the other facilities? Room available in a flat LCD TV, air-conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, provided at no additional charge.

Sky Lounge, located on the 8th floor, with a capacity of 83 people, which can be used for evening dinner, anniversary or a social gathering, with a view of the city of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta, the city with the feel of the past that gives the image of a friendly.

(Source Bungaran Wahid, travelKompas /Image Zodiak @Cokro Jogjakarta)


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