Post Holiday Jet Lag which often Interfere

Have you ever had it where to go back to the routine requires serious effort. After returning from a long trip holiday, a lazy feeling as though your self control.

This is referred to as post-holiday jet lag, it took effort to get back to normal life.

An article in The Huffington Post wrote how to overcome this, as quoted by a tourist site, travelKompas.

1. Lag time. Give it a few days while on holiday homecoming of time to get back into the routine.

2. Incoming messages. Check the incoming message, either by e-mail, social networking sites, chat apps (BBM, WasApp etc.), so it can be updated on relatives, friends and family.

3. Upload vacation photos. Isn't this fun activity? Share the joy after the holiday.

4. Write a blog. Writing as part of a memorable trip. Hopefully can inspire your readers.

5. Take a sleep. Restore power and stamina. Sure is fun, isn't it?

6. Washing clothes. Of course it will save laundry costs, can also help as a warming-up activity to return to your normal life.

7. Tidying up the luggage. Do not leave it too long tucked away in a backpack or suitcase. Immediately trim your luggage.

8. Shopping. Look for places that are fun for a little food or snacks shopping at the supermarket, it's very entertaining.

With the lag time several days and several activities above, the body and mind slowly can adjust to the situation immediately around the house. Welcome back home!

(Source The Huffington Post, travelKompas /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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