#beergasmbali Festival in Jimbaran

Frenetic festival which echoed with the beat of music by a DJ completes the festive visitor at a bar, Smoqee Sky Bar, Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran.

They sway with the festive spirit in a ceremony known as the #beergasmbali or with its formal name, Meat & Beer Festival.

#beergasmbali is a beer festival which takes place on 19 October to 9 November 2013 serving more than 20 brands of beer and a variety of meats. Quoting from the press release travelKompas site, Thursday, October 17, 2013, Greg Gubiani, General Manager of Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran said, "This is an excellent opportunity for us to introduce and present the Festival Beer & Meat or as #beergasmbali that for the first time held in Jimbaran."

Such as if it is present in the Oktoberfest festival in Germany, is a perfect opportunity for the observers and beer fans to relax for a moment while sampling the wide variety of beers.

Meat and Beer Festival 2013 by Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran, will also feature culinary demonstrations by the cooks of the Bamboo Chic restaurant by using beer and organic foods as the base material.

Visitors who are interested in enjoying a beer charged an entrance fee of Rp 149,000 per person (14.9 USD) - as much for two hours, that specially formulated by a team of Le Meridien. Additional fee of Rp249.000 (24.9 USD) per person to enjoy the culinary barbecue meat dishes ranging from Balinese pork, beef and lamb sticks.

And the feast continues, the more the merrier music. DJ has been concocting songs that can make the sway hundreds of visitors. Beer, beer and more beer!

(Source Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran, travelKompas, Dewi Magazine /Image F Benjamin)


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