Souvenir shopping also has its own art

Can you imagine when you get home, then realized if you buy souvenirs apparently do not benefit to anyone, in other words useless.

Disappointed for sure. It feels like a waste of money to be wasted. Sorry and ask yourself, why would also buy this item.

Buy souvenirs in tourist trips of course is normal, as the sense of sharing with family members at home. All depends on the character of people, there is indeed a pleasure to organize the stuff in their house, there is another take no care.

Some tips you need to prepare if you want to buy souvenirs on the way trip.

1. Arrange priority. Determine where the needs and where the desires. Health, safety, and comfort. Make eating healthy, comfortable and safe as a priority. Others include a souvenir are the next priority, not primary.

2. Arrange budget. Please buy a souvenir, but not a priority. Decide about 10-20 percent of your budget.

3. Buy a gift because it is associated with the hobby. Purchase spices or taste the local food. Sure glad it was not when you got home and then cook?

4. No need to worry about not carrying a souvenir. Purchase only the relatives/friends who frequently interact with us. Explain if the budget provided was limited.

5. If you still need to buy the souvenirs. There are many options if you want to buy a souvenir that will be enjoyed by many people, for example, local pastries, candy, chocolate, and taste local snacks. All happy, your budget does not need to be sacrificed.

6. Souvenirs do not weigh luggage. Some examples, such as key chains, fridge sticker, bookmarks, scarves, or cloth wallet. There are some friends who like to buy T-shirts, there is the risk weight to be increased. Look carefully load the items you will take later.

At the end of your trip should take priority, while a gift that is brought to all the friends, relatives and others are complementary. While it is necessary, isn't it?

(Source travelKompas, Dewi Myrna - NL/Image F Benjamin)


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