Woman More Terrific when Vacation a Planning

Based on a recent study by the International Currency Exchange (ICE)

Everyone loved the holiday, a moment of refreshing themselves from the complexity of everyday life, loosening routine which raised the feeling of wanting to be free.

Vacation getting closer makes the feeling more and can not wait for that day to arrive, but it needs to be well planned vacation, preparing luggage, desired location, budget during the holidays, transportation, medicine and so on.

A survey conducted by the International Currency Exchange (ICE), found the interesting results, because women have proved as a good vacation planner, according to excerpts from famous website Female First.

1. Women have the power of visualization. They use a good imagination, when it will make a holiday, have a definite picture of the situation in a vacation spot.

2. Women are more prepared for a holiday trip. They have the ability to everything, to the smallest, even when moments such as packing, snacks, medicines, toothpaste, no doubt when they prepare to the smallest things.

3. Women are more organized. They know the holiday is an important moment, the equivalent of removing a girl's night out, they organized properly. They want the best and have all been planned.

4. Women happy to seek a recommendation. They will ask first about everything, they need a recommendation from the various parties, so they immediately know where the destination after arriving at the vacation spot, for example, shopping, restaurants, cafes, tourist sites and others.

5. Women also know how to have fun. They are very expert in this field, they like to have fun, and they will point to places of interest, such as the most beautiful beaches, where to eat cheap, restaurant or cafe in accordance with her wishes as a couple.

Naturally when the holiday has always been a topic of interest to anyone, even everyone wants to participate to donate an interesting idea, later. See picture above is only logical when women got the right place to plan a vacation.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Female First /Images H Nina, W Sjahran)


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