5 Things You Need to be prepared before Traveling

Planning before travel, so the trip becomes enjoyable

Street shops of Vienna

Day trips closer and you getting impatient, the whole idea of ​​the excitement in the eyes, waiting. But all these things can go away, if you do not prepare everything needed before leaving in order to allow us and avoid the worries.

Some things to consider before you set out or traveling.

1. Letter or travel documents. Such as a passport or visa, especially for overseas travel. Check the validity period of a passport and a grace time.

2. Finding information. It is the primary obligation that needs to be done before the trip, for example, about where to stay, how the state of the place, where to eat the best, and so forth. Even the recommendation of friends after visiting the tourist attractions the destination.

Street of Seoul

3. Bring medications. It is necessary for travelers who have a particular disease, or allergy of something. Prepare a prescription for any time needed.

4. Prepare the important contact numbers. Of course it is necessary to note, contact numbers of family members and friends. Give us destination information to family members and friends.

5. Plan entirely correctly. Consult with the family, and close friends about tourist attractions, ask their advice, so we got a good vacation trip, healthy and fun.

When the journey is getting close, all becomes fun, preparations have been going well. All everybody happy, holiday trip to be special and unforgettable.

(Source Intisari Online, magforwomen.com /Images W Sjahran, M Paath Djojnegoro)


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