Luxury Travel, Christmas Throughout the Year in Finland

Christmas atmosphere can continue and not wait for December

Welcome to Lapland, Finland

Luxury Action, a Finnish holiday services company, renting a Christmas wooden villas, complete with the atmosphere, snowing, all the land was changed color to white and covered in snow.

Listen to Christmas carols, lights, decorated fir trees make Christmas scenery feels lively and distinctive.

An interesting and unique ideas that can be offered to the tourists, without having to wait for the end of the year, in December. For those seasons may change, here you can still feel and see the beauty of the snow.

As written news on CNN, "They usually say, 'Christmas only comes once a year.’ But not anymore," wrote Luxury Action.

Visitors can stay filled with comfort and warmth that is integrated into the festive season, as said Janne Honkanen, the owner, guests will be served with the best.

They are waiting for the tourists, even from tropical countries, from Asia, for example. Tempting holiday option for families who want to vacation together with Santa Claus.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, CNN /Image Luxury Action)


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