Samosir, island in the middle of the lake

One of the most popular destinations in North Sumatra, in addition to Lake Toba

When you are in the tourist area of Lake Toba, it's always something is missing if you have not visited the Samosir Island, an island in the middle of the lake. Not surprisingly, saw the traveler, both domestic or overseas will try to reach this island.

The charm of this volcanic lake increased by the presence of Samosir island, an island within the island surrounded by the largest lake in Indonesia, and is above an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level.

The island is loaded with a wealth of cultural, heritage tombs of the kings of ancient Batak tribe in ancient megalithic age in a village on the island.

Three places frequented by tourists, including the Tourism Village of Tomok, namely the tomb relics of King Sidabutar, Home of Sigale Gale and Batak Museum.

Tomok Village, tourists are always favored by its uniqueness, cultural and tourist destinations characterize the lives of local residents of the Batak tribe, with the presence of “Lapo” (bar in locals), as a place to drink “tuak” (a kind of traditional liquor) on the island.

Maybe one day, you might consider a trip to this island.

(Source Kompas Travel, K Trimarto - Parapat/Images Nefo Ginting)


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