Avoid This Fruit and Vegetables when Traveling

Types of vegetables, fruits and nuts that can be risky poison the body

In normal life we may be able to cope with the proper treatment, but when in the traveling tour, all you want is to faster, so sometimes we become imprecise.

Food such as vegetables or fruits are not automatically poison the body, but unexpectedly can be dangerous if we are not careful.

Citing news from Thrillist, following some potentially toxic food if not consumed with caution.

1. Cherries. This fruit contains hydrogen cyanide harmful to the body, it can attack the heart and nerves in the body.

2. Apples. Avoid its seeds, if ingested, the body will process, then the seeds are dangerous to release cyanide compounds.

3. Tomatoes. There glycoalkaloid poison on the leaves and stems, causing disturbances in the human digestive system.

4. Red Beans. Immature fruit, or processed imperfect toxic, phytohaemagglutinin, have a negative impact on the body.

5. Potatoes. Like fruit on the previous, look mature fruit. Avoid young potatoes, contain solanine which causes heart attacks.

Looks so simple, the fruit is often found in everyday life. Be careful choosing ripe fruit and healthy, but harmful in the lively tourist trips with friends, because it is often neglected and underestimated the danger.

Source: CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Thrillist
Images: Fransisca AM Pandi


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