Easter Island and 800 Statue Head Stones

Easter Island as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995

The images on the left show the statue and a row of giant stone statues, giving the impression of a mystery to anyone who visited this island.

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The island is inhabited by natives of Polynesia, is one of the isolated island in the world, located in the southeast of the Pacific, Southeast part of Polynesian Triangle, an island off the west coast of Chile.

The statues that bear the impression, a work of the past, shaped carved stone heads, their average height is 13 feet, or about four meters, with extraordinary weight, 14 tons.

The island is named by the first European to set foot on the island, Jacob Roggeveen was a Dutch explorer, on April 5, 1722, named it Paasch-Eyland meaning of Easter Island.

As a world heritage, of this island should receive more attention, and certainly will get the attention of tourists who love adventure to a place that is unique.

(Source Wiendrati - CNN Indonesia /Image wikpedia)


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