Photo Sharing when We Holidaying

Some sites to share your photos while on tour

Puppet Museum, Old Town of Jakarta

You are on vacation and immediately wanted to share with more friends anywhere, of course we need to know the proper website for sharing.

The website is very well known by the users who are familiar with it, but maybe not all tourists know.

Instagram. Applications in the virtual world that is very powerful, able to upload photos, videos, and even you are given the facility to edit the images first. This application is also available in mobile version, and if you want a wider range of publications, insert the hashtag (#) followed by the appropriate information.

Twitpic. Applications that have a relationship with Twitter, give comments photograph in the form of a tweet reply, and shortened URLs automatically.

Rose Garden Hyde Park, London

Flickr. Facilities photo has been widely recognized by fans of photography, not only upload photos, here you can also upload a video.

deviantART. This application is related to the art, for example, digital art, traditional art, and others. One of its strengths is the facility to paint, you paint a landscape and give testimony.

Photobucket. Have the same facilities with Instagram and Flickr, and even can be used also for business purposes, and photos can be .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp (.bmp films will be converted into a .png) directly from the camera without change the resolution.

Holiday trip more enjoyable, friends in various places can know where you are, and all smiles happy. Take pictures or send a video while traveling.

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