Top Five Countries Most Loved Food

Based on the latest global report market research company GfK

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We can find a lot of habits in the world after a lot of traveling, doing a lot of traveling to various places in the world, as well as see the cooking habits of people around the world.

A survey conducted a poll of more than 27 thousand people in 22 countries about how much time is spent in one week. From the report it is known that the average global cook just under 6.5 hours in a week.

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For example, French people are known as the land of the kingdom of food with people who are expert in cooking, it turns out not to be in the top rank, than other countries who also loved the food.

Here are the top five countries most loved food.

Italy: 43 percent
South Africa: 42 percent
Indonesia and Mexico: 40 percent
India: 39 percent
Brazil: 38 percent

Furthermore, the survey provides interesting results about how long people in a country spend time to cook, as well as the reasons given.

Through the experience of cooking, life becomes interesting, people come and go, traveled and getting to know through food.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, GfK /Images Ni Kdk R Riyanti, Sasa Lasiah)


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