Countries with the Most Religious Population

Based on a survey of WIN/Gallup International via online and by phone

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok

Who knows if one day you're in one of these countries, because the scent around you is a religious atmosphere that feels in various tourist areas of the country. Then it is known that the population of Thailand is the most religious country, so that the progress of tourism is directly related to religious tourism, such as tourist centers are in temple or temples of worship.

Travelers will be interested and make it easy for the state tourism agency in charting the development of tourism in the country, they can be easily mapped tourist interest in certain locations.

The Monks in Temple, Bangkok

As the quote from the Telegraph website, approximately 94 percent of the population of Thailand said that they are a religious person. Only one percent of people who say that they are not religious. The survey was conducted on 64 thousand people in 65 countries around the world.

Furthermore, Armenia is in the second position, where approximately 93 percent of people admit that they are a religious person. Similarly, Bangladesh (93 percent), Georgia (93 percent) and Morocco (93 percent).

Precisely the opposite picture in countries that are less religious, such as the Netherlands (26 percent), Czech Republic (23 percent), Sweden in eighth position with the amount of 19 percent, Japan with a number of 13 per cent and the surprise is China as the country is not religious.

Travelers love the specifics of each country, as well as the religious side, but a lot of other things that are also promoted as a force capable of searching for tourist arrivals from all over the world.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images Puji T Hadi)


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