Prohibited Upload Photos Eiffel Tower when Bathed in Light

The Eiffel Tower is known as the world's number one for 'selfie'

Of course, not many people know very well known when the tower is apparently gave little rules relating to his appearance in the photo, even the Eiffel Tower in the world recognized as the most favorite place for tourists to take selfie pictures.

Who would doubt it, everyone, tourists are eager to take photos with the background of this great tower, certainly because their romantic appeal to every eye that sees. Travelers are eager to pose with him, either in the morning or evening.

At night, its beauty is increasing, the lights flicker beautiful surrounds all sides to show a spectacular construction of the solid structures.

Look at the peak, a spotlight that confirm its existence, attraction created by Pierre Bideau in 1985, an electrician.

Well, here is the problem, it turns tourists can be arrested and fined by the police for uploading photographs of the Eiffel bathed, this is due to the lights on the Eiffel Tower is protected by copyright.

Troublesome, isn't it?

Here's the explanation, related to EU Copyright law states take and share photographs while glowing Eiffel is a crime. EU Law in 2001 stated that all the existing architectural objects in a common location is allowed to be photographed for free.

But that turned out to be an optional clause, meaning that can change according to the rules in the country of EU countries.

Countries including Italy, Belgium and France chose to protect their historic objects with national law. And, to complete the luminous display, require the approval of the Societe d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE).

Present feelings of worry, isn't it? And, indeed for many tourists who don't know and solely because of awe, regardless of the region is an area of the world tourism.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images Asti Soekirno, Helena Nina)


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