Fabergé Easter Eggs, Luxury Rated Easter Eggs

Most popular decorative Easter eggs of all time

Memory of Azov

Speaking of Easter eggs then we immediately brought in an incredible decorative eggs, Fabergé Easter Eggs. Eggs that have become legend, is a symbol of birth and life time of the celebration of Easter for Christians, as a marker of the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Long history since it was first created in 1885 for the Russian Tsar Alexander III who presented it to his beloved wife, Empress Maria Fedorovna, as a birthday gift for their 20th wedding.

Long tradition of Easter eggs commonly given as gifts by the nobility and the social elite in the early 19th century with a variety of imaginative and luxurious decoration, ranging from candles and colorful paint even to the gold jewels.

Fabergé egg or also known as Hen Egg is one of the most popular in the history of the world, in the golden throne egg gem ever, designed by Peter Carl Fabergé and his company in 1885 and 1917.

Now the story of Easter eggs evolved somewhat in different parts of the world during the celebration of Easter, tourists who are lucky to be in a place and opportunity to celebrate, can enjoy the beautiful moments that occur along the traditions in each place through it.

Not surprisingly, then Easter tradition is always synonymous with eggs and save surprise.

(Source RS Ramadhani - CNN Indonesia, History website/Image Stan Shebs)


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