Miss Travel, a dating site that is unique and memorable

Unique sites that brings a girl with a young man who wanted to pay for their holiday

Imagine a woman who wants a free holiday, as it gets serious dating friends to pay for a holiday, a dream come true.

The girls then get the facility of luxury vacation, do the salsa dance classes, rooms to stay, up to a romantic dinner.

Such a holiday stories experienced by Kesslyn Ross with her date a young man, Dave Koncsol.

Miss Travel site indeed contributed to make things happen, they comes with an unusual way, bring a girl with a young man who would pay for their holidays. Miss Travel conduct background checks that the pair will be encountered, with their motto, Never Travel Alone.

Dinner at Gili Trawangan, Lombok

They set up a friendship, do a hang out, and according to Koncsol, he had to spend quite a lot, but according to his confession did not expect more.

Thus, a unique online dating sites, such as the CEO Miss Travel said, they simply connecting women who want a free vacation and a man who would pay for them, without any tendency.

Despite the meeting did take place, although at first there was awkwardness, but then they can part as friends. Beautiful, isn’t it?

(Source RS Afrisia - CNN Indonesia, Miss Travel /Images Miss Travel, F Benjamin - Lombok)


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