Five Typical incident Electronic Gadgets while Vacation

Problems that are often experienced by travelers and solutions to overcome them

You're on vacation and then impaired, and of the many events experienced by travelers, showing the problems tend to be similar.

In general, the most typical problem is the interference of electronic equipment, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and batteries.

Quoting the Lonely Planet website describes the situation that can occur on your electronic gadgets that generally occurs in many travelers.

1. Camera or Mobile Phone Off/Not function. Prepare an extra battery or charger that can be taken everywhere.

2. Memory on your gadget is full, so it is not able to save the object photos or videos. Deleting old photos, keep a real photo with a different angle, or a unique moment, or save it in the website photos.

3. Charger left behind in the hotel or place of stay. Save the business card of the hotel, in order to ascertain the location of the charger and can be helped to send.

4. Damaged or missing. Prepare a good bag and designed with safety, even when necessary to have travel insurance.

5. Splashed/sinking into the water. Dry it, then store it in the rice for 24 hours, or put the phone in a plastic bag, and then enter the dry ice, and even have a cell phone casing and waterproof camera.

Indeed tour is always fun and exciting, but sometimes we often do not realize the little things might happen, and result in a lot of things that delaying the excitement at the time of travel.

(Source RS Afrisia - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image OpenSnap)


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