Traveling Tips from the Langford Family

Adventure around the world to more than 30 countries with visits to 90 more hotels

Bourke's Street, Melbourne

An interesting article about the Langford couple who have proven that they can navigate the journey in many countries, and had started their journey from the year 2008.

Many impressions of their trip through several places when traveling with culture, the environment, and to meet people of different character and habits.

Central Park, NY

Here are some tips on traveling from Langford family.

1. Plan Lodge. The main and important venue. Journey you will feel easier if you could find a venue before departure to the destination. Look through the internet site.

2. Tell your Needs. Develop good relations with the hotel clerk, let them know your needs. They will be very helpful in giving solutions on the way.

3. "Stay Healthy". Sure. A healthy body gives you the opportunity to enjoy many things in tourist destinations. Always drink water during the journey, and make sure your body is active while traveling, such as walking, and swimming.

4. Leave the gadget in a Lodge. The best way is indeed the case, you should enjoy every journey without having to communicate via the remote or work.

5. Forget about time in your travel. Enjoy your heart's content, forget about time, without having to remember when to come home, always happy/enjoy and the like.

6. "Take The Wrong Turn". Make any mistakes on the way into an interesting experience, every process that occurs very important in providing the inner experience and the joy in your heart.

Advice from Langford couple can open the eyes of the meaning of a sightseeing trip, we will be part of the tourists from all over the world who are able to feel happy.

(Source RO Kurniawan – Kompas Travel /Images V Arifin, L Priyanti)


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