Banda Neira, Town Spices with Historical Relics

City with remnants of war equipment in the 17th Century

A great time in the past at the time of European nations, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch to English bother to look for new sources of spices in the east country. Can imagine the difficulty in the vast ocean, taking the danger, facing the waves roll in order to obtain spices of the land Banda Neira.

Remnants of traces of European nations, such as forts, palaces until armaments in the 17th century.

Spice-producing country, with beautiful nature and charming. There tourists from various nations cast their eyes, a tourist area in addition to Wakatobi and Raja Ampat, the tour package, which includes the activities cycling, fishing, history, visiting historic buildings and buy souvenirs.

Of course the question is, how do I reach this area, tourists can pass through Ambon, capital of Maluku province. You can obtain several options, using aircraft and ships, through an interesting journey along the way.

Maybe one day you're on the way to the area with beautiful natural scenery and full of historical relics. Pick the right time when there is some tourist activities at the end of the year, such as belang race or kora-kora streaks are always lively with the presence of local communities.

(Source Kompas Travel, Antara /Images L Pandjaiatan)


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